Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences aspire to lead and excel in all student activities to pave the way for establishing positive values in students’ personalities through promoting values, skills and good behavior with an aim to foster independent personalities that are characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance and leadership This is achieved by providing a range of cultural, social, artistic, technical and sports activities which aid in the discovery of their talents, develop their skills and deliver them various kinds of knowledge to build their personalities.

Objectives of the student activities programs

  1. Introduce students to the importance of student activities.
  2. Initiate cultural, social, voluntary and sporting activities that contribute to achieving the 2030 vision.
  3. Develop students’ skills in various aspects including personal, intellectual, social and professional aspects; Promote students’ capabilities to face life opportunities and difficulties in a conscious and consistent manner.
  4. Invest students' leisure time in meaningful and useful programs to discover their talents and abilities; work on developing them and directing them in the right course so that students can become active players in building their society.
  5. Contribute to build the comprehensive student’s personality; prepare students to assume responsibility, take the initiative, assume leadership roles, build self-esteem, foster the spirit of volunteerism; promote patriotism and the sense of belonging to the homeland and the nation.
  6. Establish social values such as cooperation, honest competition, constructive dialogue and acceptance of the other opinion.
  7. Establish the concept of patriotism and the sense of belonging to the country.
  8. Initiate the College’s role in volunteerism and social responsibility.
  9. Prepare awareness-raising programs and activities to inculcate Islamic values and support the principles of patriotism and moderation among students.