An overview of the College Library

The library plays a significant role in supporting the educational process. It provides a wide array of information sources which may be accessed in various forms, either physically or digitally. The College’s library has a valuable collection of printed books (37,500 books), as well as provides electronic resources of information. It has subscribed to the Saudi Digital Library (SDL) to access various medical and non-medical databases for countless numbers of books, researches, and articles which are then technically processed and catalogued. The library technical services are performed through codified and standardized practices to enable information retrieval within the shortest possible duration and reduce the effort and time for accessing information. The ‘Manual for Library Policies’ illustrates the College’s rules for library operations and services. The manual is considered a reference guide to the librarian and assists in the library management. It also provides knowledge on the mechanisms and procedures of library operations. It sets out unified policies related to the following aspects: Build and develop library collections; Library technical services and operations; Provision of services to beneficiaries; General guidelines on conduct of library users.


The libraries at Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences seek to support scientific research needs through the provision of different sources of information in various forms, the organization and retrieval of information with the least possible effort and time.


The library’s mission is to provide a gateway for students and researchers to access various resources. It takes the responsibility to maintain, provide and organize materials to serve the knowledge society, develop human enlightenment and ensure the accessibility of information without being withheld.

The Library Catalog

Dear beneficiary,

You can search for your required material through the online catalog for the Consortium of Libraries of Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences. The catalog is available through this link. In case you face any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact the librarian to ask for your needs.

Our Values

The satisfaction of beneficiaries; Availability of sources of information; Achieve compliance to quality standards; work in a team; Support the educational process; Promote scientific research.

General guidelines

  • The library is a place dedicated for research and study. Please be quiet during your stay at the library.


    The library provides continuous access to books and information resources to all its visitors without restrictions to a specific age or space.


    Each student or educational staff at the College can possess a library card which enables him/her to borrow the library’s materials.


    Each borrower is responsible to preserve the library’s material during on-site borrowing and check-out borrowing. The period for check-out borrowing is defined according to the below table:





Number of Checkouts Allowed


The borrowing period


Faculty members

10 books

one semester


Technicians and laboratory supervisors

5 books

one semester


Members of the administrative body

3 books

2 weeks



3 books

2 weeks


Special subscriptions

3 books

2 weeks


Each borrower may renew the borrowed materials provided that s/he do not delay their return beyond the specified time. Borrowed books must also be returned for renewal. You may also renew the borrowing period by phone by providing the librarian with the barcode number of your library card and the books’ barcode numbers.


Each borrowed book is renewed only once provided that no other beneficiary applies to reserve the borrowed book.


In case of the return of borrowed books are delayed beyond the specified date, you will not be allowed to borrow any other materials even if you have not reached the allowed number of borrowed books.


Please do not give your library card to any other user.


The library opening hours starts at 8.00am till 4.00pm except Fridays, Saturdays and Saudi National Days.


The library is a dedicated place to research and learning. Please do not drink or eat inside the library. Smoking is completely prohibited.


Dear user,

When you have finished reading a book, please leave it on the desk. Do not return the book to the shelf to avoid misplacing it. The librarian will return the book to its proper location.


In case of delay in returning the borrowed material, the librarian shall notify you through an e-mail or SMS message delivered to your mobile to notify you of your delay in returning the library materials.


It has been decided to impose a fine on each borrower who delays the return of borrowed materials. The fine amounts to SAR 1.00 per book for each delayed day. For example, if a student borrowed five books and delayed their return for five days, the total amount of the fine will be SAR 25.00


In case of loss or damage of the books, the borrower shall pay a fine equivalent to the value of the lost or damaged books plus 50% for administrative expenses.


You may suggest to enrich the library’s collection by requesting new books through this link (please register first).